Sustainability has always been at the core of our business!

The world is going through a phase of unprecedented change. Pressures stemming from overpopulation, excessive resource consumption, climate change, and desertification require a reassessment of lifestyles and consumption patterns. Industrial operations must also fit into these new contexts, which demand a deep understanding of the issues along with increased awareness and responsibility.

CleanAir Europe Srl contributes to protecting the environment not only by creating supports used in air filtration systems but also by paying the utmost attention to its own production processes.

Environmental respect and air quality are issues that concern the entire air filtration industry. CleanAir Europe Srl's priority is its commitment to guiding the business growth model towards the full satisfaction of customer expectations, environmental compatibility, and sustainability, while respecting the health of its employees and all stakeholders.

The least impact

CleanAir has invested in more sustainable industrial processes from the beginning

The company invests in research and development to reduce the energy consumption required for filtration operations through Eco design projects. Recently, an excellent result was achieved, not only in terms of the performance of the final product but also in terms of environmental respect, with the low-impact cathodic dip coating treatment Eco HPC PLUS developed entirely and exclusively by CleanAir Europe Srl, completed online and designed to achieve significant results in reducing liquids and gaseous effluents from the process.

Energy saving

It is a central theme for the company's supply chain.

Today, the company interprets sustainability at the intersection of three different transitions.

The ecological transition with particular attention to circular economy and resource saving, the digital transition which sees the gradual introduction of tools, processes, and products to enhance the ecological transition, and the transition towards safety, understood as better protection of people, the environment, and assets.

Digital technology

It is put in the service of safety and sustainability.

The company, with considerable effort, strategically incorporated this belief into reality in 2021 by creating more sustainable and safer products such as EcoAtex, as well as introducing intelligent digital monitoring devices like EcoSmart, allowing to track the lifespan of the baskets and extend it through appropriate maintenance policies, in full respect of recycling and waste reduction concepts. But sustainability has always been part of our activities. With this renewed spirit, which led the company in early 2022, less than a month after the closure of this report, to win the First Prize for the most sustainable product at the most prestigious national competition on the environment, we intend to address the challenges for a more sustainable future.

Thus was born this first CSR report 2021, which in the intentions of the company will be the evidence of our pursuit of excellence and the assumption of precise environmental and social responsibilities.


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