Eco Smart the first digital cage for filter bags on the market

The EcoSmart cage is equipped with a beacon that can be read using the NFC technology available on the latest generation of mobile devices. The basket is uniquely identified and all information relating to the product and orders are associated with it, making them available for consultation, through the EcoSmartCage application, capable of communicating with a data platform that collects and transmits information.

The EcoSmart digital system also allows you to perform scheduled maintenance for the specific application based on the construction characteristics of the basket according to schedules that provide for planned checks according to predefined checklists. The system not only manages information relating to the order (EAM: Enterprise Asset Management) but also guides in maintenance activities by introducing proactive intervention logics (CMMS: Computerized Maintenance Management System).

The EcoSmart digital system has been designed to operate in hostile environments, with the presence of aggressive chemicals, humidity, and high temperatures, and in the absence of WAN network signals. The EcoSmart system requires staff access at the time of interaction; it is therefore not to be considered as a continuous monitoring device, but rather as an aid to maintenance operations, data management, and requests for assistance.

Main features

The communication technology

The communication technology

The technology used to communicate with the cages is always at hand. In fact, it is not necessary to have special equipment or readers to access the data of the basket. EcoSmart uses, in fact, the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that is included in most smartphones and tablets available on the market. Access is guaranteed through the contact of the device with the basket tag. The tag is appropriately colored and numbered to allow quick visual identification once installed in the dust collector.

The energy of the device

The energy of the device

A major functional limitation in remote installations and in hostile environments difficult to reach by wiring lies for the applications in the IoT field in the need for the digital device to be powered over time. The EcoSmart digital system is not equipped with autonomous energy but uses the smartphone or tablet to activate its circuit during the interaction phase. It is therefore a passive RFID device that does not require the use of batteries and replacements due to its low charge.

The connection rules

The connection rules

The installation sites of the cages for the bag filters are often far from the population centers and with objective limits of local network connections generally due to the wide spaces of the installations. Therefore, taking advantage of the global connection capabilities guaranteed by the use of the smartphone or tablet sim with a simple download of our application (EcoSmartCage) shortens the global distance between the operator and our platform. Where the telephone connection is not possible online, our application will record the activities to broadcast them as soon as the signal is restored.

Data analysis

Data analysis

Know the status of the inspections performed, quickly trace the constructive and qualitative characteristics of the basket or sleeve, trace the position of the spare baskets, analyze consumption and duration over time, and guide the maintenance intervention choices for the entire park of installations. Thanks to EcoSmart Platform, the customer can have an accurate analysis of the data coming from his plants to minimize downtime risks, plan interventions and optimize process operating costs.

The benefits of EcoSmart

The benefits of EcoSmart

There are countless advantages of EcoSmart for those who access the platform. Through the App, EcoSmartCage, it is possible to check the inventory and have access to the features of the installed product without having to physically extract it from the manifold. The requirement is required whenever it is necessary, for example, to order spare parts. It is also possible to open an assistance ticket at any time to communicate in real-time with CleanAir staff. View the history of maintenance carried out and installation dates, provide a guide to the safe handling and installation procedures, geo-locate the products and extend the guarantees following documented checks in the field, and provide an organized reporting aid for inspection activities, guide maintenance activities with checklists designed by the manufacturer.

Who's EcoSmart addressed to?

Who's EcoSmart addressed to?

EcoSmart is addressed to our customers, regardless of the possible intermediary role they have on the end user.

We serve OEMs, spare parts companies, filter manufacturers, engineering companies, and service companies who use their maintenance staff but also end customers who inspect the plants with their teams. Users of the application are our direct customers to whom credentials are issued for access to the software and devices. Our customers will choose from time to time, according to their business model, how to access the service. The data collected on the platform will be made available according to the contractual agreements.

What elements make it up?

What elements make it up?

The three essential elements that characterize the EcoSmart system:

The Tag: The Ecosmart tag is fixed solidly to the basket and is equipped with a circuit that can be activated by induction that allows the univocal identification of the product also thanks to an encrypted code. The tag is resistant to dust and humidity, high temperatures (up to peaks of 250 °C), and acids. It is equipped with a progressive code for quick visual identification that allows reading even in the event of a fault in the circuit of the tag itself.

The App

The EcoSmartCage App can be downloaded from the Android and Apple stores and allows you to open intervention tickets, consult the data relating to the cages and, if required during the negotiation phase of the order, follow the assembly and installation and safely guide scheduled inspection activities.

App Store Google Play

The Platform

The Platform

The EcoSmart Platform constitutes the artificial intelligence of the system. After more than two years of work and discussions with prestigious software developers and thanks to the infrastructure created, it is possible to receive maintenance reports and scheduled notices for periodic maintenance. The analysis of the data recorded with access to the tags allows you to produce statistics on faults, duration of interventions, and costs associated with the use of cages and filter bags.

What activities does the Eco Smart Cage application allow me to do?

What activities does the Eco Smart Cage application allow me to do?

The EcoSmartCage App allows you to accompany the installer from the very first reception activities of the cages, their on-site handling, and initial installation, effectively allowing the required guarantees to be started. Through the App, it is also possible to open requests for assistance tickets at any time and consult the checklists provided for the type of inspections that the products require in a simultaneous interactive environment. By accessing the platform via smartphone or tablet, it will be possible to view the constructive characteristics of the cages. The system allows you to manage the cage as an asset, assigning an identification code and allowing correct identification of the life cycle up to its disposal, even at an accounting level.

A system particularly studied for the hostile environments of the industrial air collectors

A system particularly studied for the hostile environments of the industrial air collectors

The EcoSmart tag is made of sturdy laser screen-printed nylon with a unique code for alternative identification in case of failure to read via NFC. The device is guaranteed according to international protection IP68 and therefore substantially water and dust proof. The unique encrypted electronic code associated with the tag is registered on the platform for authentication checks. Operation is tested for temperatures of 200 °C with peaks up to 250 °C. The Tag is fixed solidly to the cage.

An integrated system for the management of filter bags and cages

An integrated system for the management of filter bags and cages

Where contractually envisaged, joint inspections of both filter bags and cages are possible with scheduled inspections, including independent ones.

The checklist of filter bags, where not otherwise defined by the relevant manufacturer, is the result of CleanAir's experience and is aimed at preventing defects impacting the operating costs of the plants.

If the filter bags aren't supplied by CleanAir, the instrument is to be considered as a mere contribution to a guided verification which remains the responsibility of the manufacturer.

The Tax Advantages Linked to the Digital Transition

The Tax Advantages Linked to the Digital Transition

CleanAir Europe has identified the Eco Smart system as a valuable accounting tool for the life cycle time of the cage with particular reference to the industry 4.0 paradigm.

The monitoring feature inherent in the system, if properly operated, is suitable for the cage report, despite the IAS international accounting standards, with particular reference to paragraph 16 available online at IAS 16 — Property, Plant and Equipment.

In any case, CleanAir cannot be held responsible for the activities of any reclassification of assets or requests for customer access to tax breaks and tenders within the aforementioned digital transition.

Privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection

The data relating to the tag and the operations carried out through the EcoSmartCage application are managed under the directives of the European Regulation 2016/679 relating to the protection of people concerning the processing of personal data GDPR.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions EcoSmart features

What kind of maintenance can be performed?

Standard and reinforced scheduled maintenance for the verification of the installed cages and, if contractually required, of the filter bags.

Is the download of the EcoSmartCage App free?

In the Freemium model, downloading the App from the Google and Apple stores is always free. The request for credentials must be addressed to CleanAir. The credentials are approved by the company to maintain a high level of data security.

What if I don't want the cages to be geolocated? How can I manage my privacy?

During the installation of the App, all permissions relating to privacy and the use of data management services, and any geo-location will be requested.

Who can use the EcoSmartCage application?

Anyone who owns or legally has access credentials issued by CleanAir Europe Srl.

How is my order data protected?

The sensitive data of the cage are protected by a login and password. Without this data, it is not possible to connect to the platform despite the attempted interaction with the tag.

What tag lookup services are available for free?

In the Freemium model, it is possible to benefit from the first part of services free of charge: 1. Access to the Quality report and drawing 2. Geolocation of the cages (if authorized and requested), 3. Check-In Service (first installation of the cage).

Which services are paid for?

The Premium contract provides for an annual fee of € 25 per order; furthermore, always for a fee and based on individual needs, the following services are available: 1. Tickets, interactive assistance request packages 2. Detailed data analysis report 3. Warranty extension, if any. Other services are available upon contact with CleanAir.

Are the tags placed on all the cages indiscriminately?

Normally, the tags are arranged in the number of one tag per case, that is, approximately every 100/160 cages. Subject to specific agreements with the customer and payment, the tags can be associated with each cage.

Are the intervention tickets free?

It is possible for anyone, upon payment, to access the assistance ticket package contractually provided for in the EcoSmart sales conditions.

Does the Eco Smart system allow you to extend the warranties of the cages?

It is possible if contractually provided, to use the EcoSmart system for the validation of the extension of guarantees following compliance with the procedure and CleanAir's unquestionable judgment on the result of the inspection and subsequent checks.

What does the Freemium offer include?

The Freemium proposal essentially allows the management of the cage (asset), the display of its characteristics and safety, installation procedures, and geolocalization. In practice, all services are attributable to an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) service.

What does the Premium offer include?

The Premium offer includes an annual fee of € 25 per order and additional services such as tickets, detailed data analysis report, warranty extension, and other services based on individual needs.

Is there a user manual for the system?

Yes, the system user manual is delivered to the customer with the supply. Although, it is not necessary to sign a subscription contract. This is strongly recommended to take full advantage of the services offered by the system.

Am I always obliged to consult the tag to open a ticket?

Yes, it is not possible to open a support request ticket without having access to the tag and having downloaded the CleanAir EcoSmartCage App.

Am I obliged to use the EcoSmart App control checklists?

To correctly record access to the tag and as a consequence record the history of maintenance interventions, it is strongly recommended to use the App for recording maintenance. A convenient summary report of the intervention is made available for the maintenance technician on site.

How will I be notified of the need to start a scheduled inspection?

By sending an email upon expiry that will be sent regularly until the tag is read again at set deadlines. The reference email will be registered upon delivery of the cages to the customer.

Will the planned maintenance take into account the results of the inspections?

Following the verification of the data provided on the platform by the inspections carried out in the field and recorded with the EcoSmartCage App, the scheduled checks could be redefined in terms of times and period.

If I equip myself with the system, can I take advantage of the tax advantages provided for the digital industry 4.0 transition?

The assessment of requesting tax breaks for access to industry 4.0 tools c. CleanAir can offer, for a fee, access to cognitive tools to support this business choice.

How many degrees centigrade can the tag resist?

The tag in NFC technology is a circuit covered in Pa6 material capable of withstanding 200 C ° continuously and 250 C ° at peak temperature.

Is the tag resistant to aggressive chemicals?

The tag can withstand shocks and chemicals that do not alter the polymer in Pa6 material. Avoid contact with strong and medium acids.

Is the tag resistant to humidity?

The tag is in international protection class IP68 and therefore resists dust and humidity (immersion in water).

Is the tag suitable for explosive environments?

The tag chosen by CleanAir for the EcoSmart system can be certified (when contractually defined) for explosive environments according to the Atex community directive.

How are managed the data entered on the platform?

The data of the cages and access to the cages are stored according to the requirements of the GDPR.

EcoSmartCage works all over the world and is it available in which language?

Thanks to the NFC technology and the type of platform created, EcoSmartCage can be used anywhere in the world in Italian and English with the sole condition that, even at a later time, the device that read the tag, can enter contact with a mobile or fixed data connection.


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