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CleanAir Europe is committed to providing high-quality filter sleeve cage solutions for various types of industrial dust manifolds and suitable for all OEM designs. Through the experience gained following years of Research & Development and an understanding of the market, we have advanced a series of products, accessories and treatments for multiple sectors in which air filtration is a priority. This includes steel mills, cement plants, food businesses, pharmaceutical companies, waste-to-energy recycling plants, and waste treatment and chemical companies.

In these industries, it has been proven that our cages provide greater reliability and lower overall operating costs than other filter sleeve supports. We have established close business relationships with our Customers in over 30 countries and regions around the world. The key to our rapid growth and development derives from the ethics of our high-quality management, innovation and attention paid to the customer. Our company is a leader in the filter materials industry and is amongst the leading manufacturers for supplying filter sleeve cages in Europe.


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Over 60 years of experience

CleanAir encapsulates over four decades of operation and experience, ever focused on research and the creation of new technical and technological solutions.
The search for constant improvement – not only in the product but also the production process – allows CleanAir to efficiently respond to a broad range of requests from quantitative, qualitative and time viewpoints.

Quality aligned with flexibility and expertise: CleanAir has been able to develop its production lines to meet large- and small-scale needs alike, to offer products coming as the result of years of research, such as the ecoHPC Plus cages and other less industrious alternatives.

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