Quality as a communal and certified culture

A key to excellence, project success and the growth of skills.

Technological progress, continuous market demands and the rising needs of stakeholders lead to continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and in-house efficiency, along with the quality and reliability of the services provided together with the company’s image.

Our goal is to fully and continuously meet the demands of our customers, an increasingly selective and rewarding parameter based on strategic choices and involving every field of corporate action.
The level of quality achieved has translated into a concrete and measurable concept with the obtainment of the UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification being renewed annually. In addition to the UNI ISO 9001 certification, in 2019 we decided to voluntarily adopt (thus, without any legal obligation to do so) an evolutionary approach towards certification of the production system, obtaining the UNI ISO 3834/2 certification for welding.

Two certificates of merit crown the effort of a company that has always strived to achieve the best quality standards in order to respond with increasing satisfaction to the needs of our customers.


Per assicurare uno standard di qualità costante, CleanAir ha conseguito la certificazione ISO 9001:2015 per la “Fabbricazione di cestelli porta maniche per la filtrazione industriale su specifica del cliente”.

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