CleanAir Europe’s priority is its commitment to steering the corporate growth model towards fully meeting customer expectations, environmental compatibility and sustainability, and respecting the health of its employees and other interlocutors.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of our business!

Respect for environmental and air quality issues is a matter that concerns the entire air filtration sector.

fogliaCleanAir contributes to protecting the environment not only by creating supports used in air filtration systems but also by paying the utmost attention to the in-house production processes. foglia
The best result, not only in terms of the performance of the finished product but also from concerning respect for the environment, was achieved in the Eco HPC PLUS treatment developed entirely and exclusively by CleanAir,foglia completed in a continuous line system and realised to achieve significant results in the reduction of liquid and gaseous effluents deriving from the process.

fogliaThe world is undergoing a phase of momentous change. Pressures deriving from over-population, overconsumption of resources, climate change and desertification require a review of lifestyles and patterns of consumption. Industrial operations must also take place within these new contexts, requiring a deep understanding of the issues along with greater awareness and accountability.foglia

Largely non-renewable energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas are exploited to produce an electric kilowatt hour. fogliaBy burning fossil fuels, significant amounts of CO2 are released into the atmosphere.

Only a greater reduction in electricity consumption and its production through renewable energy can prevent harmful emissions into the atmosphere.foglia



fogliaDuring the restructuring phases and with a view to greater sustainability, CleanAir Europe sought to contribute by creating a new electrical system by encapsulating new technology, replacing the existing lighting with new LED fittings.foglia

This type of lighting ensures high energy efficiency, achieving up to a 90% reduction in consumption compared with conventional incandescent bulbs due to the LED bulbs only using a fraction of the energy consumed by a normal bulb.foglia

LED bulbs are produced from non-toxic materials, unlike the compact mercury-containing fluorescent bulbs that are potentially harmful to the environment. What’s more, they are recyclable and can thus be considered a green and environmentally-friendly lighting source.

fogliaIn addition, CleanAir Europe has an electricity contract with a company that supplies energy from renewable sources, with the origin being traced by an Electrical System Manager – an independent third party that guarantees the provenance of the energy through the issuance of a specific Guarantee of Origin. foglia

The objective of “100% Clean Energy” means using the forces that nature provides, only utilising energy from sources that are renewable and that do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, preserving the environmenti.foglia

Our company strives to achieve this objective through an environmental sensitivity and concrete actions to help improve the world in which we live and ensure a better future for new generations.

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