Installing a suitable dedusting system in an establishment is a priority for operators in a range of sectors.

For dedusting metallic particles from the air together with the very fine dust arising from all sorts of processes, a suitable cage type must be chosen. CleanAir has considerable knowledge of applications and extensive experience in multiple industries: metalworking, cement and minerals, food, pharmaceutical, energy, recycling and waste treatment.

In these industries, it has been proven that our cages provide greater reliability and lower overall operating costs than other cages.



Chemical plants


The chemical industry has a broad spectrum of applications and requires highly efficient separation solutions for air filtration. We aim to provide solutions for a broad range of chemical applications whilst helping to create value for our customers.



There are many unknown substances in civil and industrial waste that produce great amounts of corrosive and harmful gases through combustion, a factor that must be taken into consideration when choosing a cage or a filter sleeve. CleanAir offers the waste treatment industry a comprehensive array of efficient and innovative solutions for combustion gas filtration.

Food and beverage products


In the food industry, our cages are used for processing foodstuff and treating fumes, in accordance with the applicable requirements. We produce various cages in a range of materials in order to adapt to the best aspiration systems.


Cement plants


We provide long-lasting solutions for cement plants using dust treatment collectors that require standard operating conditions and special solutions for plants operating under high pressure, at elevated temperatures and with significant corrosiveness.

Mines and metals


Whether the process focuses on aluminium, steel or coal, we have experience in finding the right solution for maximising performance and providing the right cage for each filtration system.

Power Plants


Fumes, fine dust, sulphur oxides, nitrogen and hydrocarbons can damage the function of the cages and filter sleeves. CleanAir can recommend the best solution from a range of products that provide extraordinary and long-lasting protection against chemical agents of all types.

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