Custom packaging solutions

The filtration cages produced by CleanAir are shipped around the world. During transport and when stored onsite, they are able to withstand adverse and wide-ranging weather conditions.

In order to consistently ensure the quality standards for all products shipped around the world, specific packaging has been designed to protect the filter sleeve cages, being diversified and effective in accordance with the range of conditions that could be encountered at any latitude.

CleanAir Europe’s packaging consists of one rigid and one flexible component so as to protect the filter sleeve supports both from atmospheric agents and from mechanical forces and shocks. In line with the needs of the individual customer and the job itself, CleanAir Europe offers a broad range of solutions for packaging the filter media. These solutions differ according to the type of material from which the finished product is made, the destination and the handling requirements of the customer.

Fully customised packaging solutions

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The packaging solutions made in the in-house joinery division are fully customised to adapt to the various cage types and designed to satisfy the various transport solutions, be it by truck or container, to reach the multitude of destinations.

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The filtration supports are shipped all over the world and often have to face all kinds of temperatures and adverse weather conditions. For this reason, we have made various types of protection that adapt to any type of transport.

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Thanks to our knowledge, our many years of experience in the filtration field, and our clear understanding of needs gleaned through direct contact with our customers, we have been able to develop special packaging solutions to protect the cages.

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