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In the galvanising process, the material to be treated is effectively degreased and prepared before being soaked in an acidic or alkaline electrolytic solution containing zinc salts. Finally, a current of electricity is run between the workpiece and the solution that causes the metal zinc to be deposited on the surface of the workpiece itself. After galvanising, the item treated enters a passivation bath that creates a thin protective film that, once dried, increases resistance to atmospheric corrosion and improves appearance. The look is metallic in nature whilst the colouring depends on the passivation applied after the zinc layer.

The treatment is carried out with a structure cycle. An evaluation is usually conducted by the customer according to the technical, aesthetic and utilisation needs. Likewise, the type of passivation necessary is to be gaged. Cold electrolytic galvanising allows a check to be conducted at a micrometric level, along with a good aesthetic result and an excellent quality-to-price ratio. An additional advantage of this treatment is its reversibility – it can be removed and applied again without compromising any of the substrate’s characteristics.

The materials to be treated can range from any ferrous alloy to aluminium or brass, thus rendering the coating affordable for any commodity sector involved in the use of metals. The air-filtration, carpentry, packaging, hydraulics and automotive fields are just a few examples of industries in which they are employed extensively.


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