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The non-alloy structural steel of the S235JR series, more commonly called ‘raw iron’ and deriving from wire rod Fe36, conforms to EN 10025-2 of European Regulation 305/2011 no. Fe36-CPR-2013-07.

This wire is intended for welding, characterised by low impurities that allow excellent drawing and optimal performance during welding.

Despite being the lowest cost and lowest added-value product within the entire CleanAir material range, the raw drawn wire purchased by CleanAir complies with the above characteristics. Only wire derived from wire rod is used due to respecting the characteristics necessary to obtain optimum weldability and thus being able to guarantee excellent mechanical seal of the filter sleeve cage over time.

The cages made of raw wire can be used in applications involving high temperatures (even exceeding 200° C) but with the limited presence of aggressive acids or gases and in dry environment (with limited humidity). In fact, thanks to their characteristics, the raw wire cages lend themselves to lasting a reasonable amount of time (in any case, being a few years or months depending on the application).

Raw wire cages are especially not recommended for long transportation or in the event that the material must to be delivered to worksites where time will pass before installation. Indeed, due to the characteristics of this material, oxidation and thus degradation of the material is immediate.

CleanAir guarantees the quality of the material used and the production process undertaken, along with the relative mechanical seal of the welds and the technical and geometric characteristics of the product produced but does not issue any kind of warranty on the durability and performance of the cages.

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