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We have chosen to respect the environment!

We have chosen to respect the environment!

Industry must also operate in these new scenarios, which require a deep understanding of the issues and greater awareness and responsibility.

To produce an electric kilowatt-hour are exploited largely non-renewable energy sources such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. By burning fossil fuels, significant amounts of CO2 are released into the atmosphere. Only the greater reduction in electricity consumption and the production of the latter through renewable energy can avoid harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

During the restructuring phases, the company Clean Air Europe, with a view to greater sustainability, wanted to contribute by creating a new electrical system with a new technology, replacing the existing lighting with new LED installations.

This type of lighting guarantees high energy efficiency, reaching consumption up to 90% lower than traditional incandescent bulbs, since a LED bulb uses only a minimal part of the energy consumed by a normal bulb.

LEDs are made of non-toxic materials, unlike compact fluorescent bulbs containing mercury that are potentially harmful to the environment. They are recyclable and therefore can be considered a green and eco-compatible lighting source.

Besides, Clean Air Europe has an electricity supply contract with a company that supplies energy from renewable sources and with origin traced by the Electricity System Operator, an independent third party body that guarantees, through the issue of specific titles (Guarantee of Origin) the energy source.

The goal of “100% clean energy” means using the force that nature gives us using only energy from renewable sources, which does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, preserving the environment.

This is the goal that our company also wants to achieve, through an environmental sensibility with concrete gestures, to help improve the environment in which we live and to guarantee a better future for the new generations.

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